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Susan E. Leventhal


Crisis Management

While we don’t like to plan for it, crises do occur from time to time. As a Crisis Management Specialist, Susan provides support to private schools during such times. Susan offers both advanced planning and on-site crisis management.

During the advanced planning stage, Susan helps the school to create a comprehensive Crisis Management Plan including an assessment of perceived gaps, and the development of appropriate policies and procedures. Susan also helps design an individually-tailored staff-training program.

During the crisis management stage, Susan arrives on site to assess the situation and addresses the needs of students, teachers, administration, parents and other community members. Susan also provides crisis counseling to both groups and individuals. Finally, Susan debriefs with the school once the crisis has been diffused.

As appropriate, Susan will facilitate access to a team of varied health care professionals that can be leveraged as appropriate to meet the school’s unique needs.


Individual Therapy

This therapy focuses on how an individual can improve independent functioning to reach their highest potential, both independently and within the family structure. Susan's thoughtful and pragmatic counsel has helped many people to resolve critical issues in their lives.

Susan is particularly effective in her treatment of women in crisis. She skillfully creates an environment for sharing painful experiences, cultivating life skills and encouraging movement to more fulfilling and productive roles. She is a member of many professional associations including the Canadian and American Family Therapy Associations.


Marital Therapy

In today's fast-paced and often stressful lifestyle, many couples struggle to balance work with individual and family commitments. Increasingly, they are at the point of separation or divorce. In the course of her marital therapy, Susan assists couples to explore the viability of their relationship in order to reach a better level of understanding and communication, or to work toward an amicable parting.

Susan examines problems such as the reconstituted family, mid-life crises and issues facing the so-called "sandwich" generation. She provides couples with a framework for seeking out the root causes of their situation and the best possible course to pursue. Her marital therapy practice also includes work with extended families who face obstacles in their efforts to live and relate together.


Executive Coaching

Successful business owners and managers recognize the value of a strategic plan to achieve their goals. Susan's corporate consultation consists of a full analysis of a company with the objective of identifying, assessing and developing solutions to systemic and organizational barriers.

In these consultations, Susan helps many owners and managers to delineate philosophy, job descriptions and a future vision for their business. Management styles and the exercise of authority are improved by examining interpersonal relationships with colleagues and employees. Developing or analyzing the structure of the business will result in a clearer vision for success.


Family Therapy

Susan's perceptive and insightful expertise helps many children and adolescents who suffer from depression, anxiety, eating disorders and sexual abuse. Her work encompasses separated and reconstituted families, complicated grief reactions or school-linked problems such as learning disabilities, phobias and under achievement.

Susan's approach to these issues and concerns frequently involves a partnership with school personnel, the family and the child or adolescent. Her receptive and sensitive style permits young people to better understand their role within the family and society at large.


Management Consulting and Succession Planning

Susan provides consultation services to public and private-sector business clients that include small, family-owned businesses and intermediate-sized enterprises in the retail, manufacturing, financial and corporate sectors. Areas of expertise and topics include: management styles and structures, team building workshops, succession planning and staff lectures on a variety of staff-initiated topics.