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Susan E. Leventhal


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Parent to Parent

"Summer camp can be a magical experience if the child is ready. For first-time campers, a favourite outfit or special toy can make the transition from home to camp a less bumpy ride. These separations are a dress rehearsal for a lifetime of hellos and goodbyes."

Camp Countdown, January 1995


Canadian Medical Association Journal

"Being a physician's child does appear to have an effect on the therapeutic process. In general, physician families strongly resist undergoing family therapy. Therapists must be extremely sensitive to such denial."

Psychopathology in Adolescent Children of Physicians
by Susan E. Leventhal and Bernard A. Stein, MD, FRCP, Volume 130 1984.


The Toronto Sun

"You can't negotiate with a two-year-old. Between the ages of two and three, you make sure you don't get into a power struggle. Prevent dress wars by laying out two or three outfits."

Battle Dress


Today's Parent

"Younger kids are more impressionable, so it's really important to choose the right kind of book - not too much information, not too little."

A Novel Look at Books